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Important Messages
This program is for 0 - 3 year olds and their parents. Print out your activity record and start keeping track of each activity you complete or every 15 minutes you read together by coloring in a circle on your reading record. When you come into the library, you will receive a sticker for each colored-in circle.

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• Print out your reading record and please write down your User Name and Password on your Reading Record. Every time you read this summer from June 4 – July 30, keep track of it by coloring in a spot on your reading record for every hour you spend reading.

• Color in a circle for each 15 minutes you read or early literacy activity you do.

• When you come into the library you will receive a sticker for each spot colored in.

1st milestone (4 hours/activities) Prize: Library Card Holder and a Wagon Raffle entry
2nd milestone (8 hours/activities) Prize: Pack of Coupons
3rd milestone (12 hours/activities) Prize: A New Book